I was 10 when I came across this quote by Anonymous – God helps those who help themselves. Back then I use to write “Thought of the day” on the blackboard. I tweaked the quote and replaced the word ‘themselves’ with ‘others’. Noone bothered nor questioned. …


One fine day,
I found someone in my bed!
It felt hot! precisely 102 degrees.
Seems like, someone got laid!

Turns out, It’s my new friend.
For 2 weeks he said,
this staycation wouldn’t end!

Till date I was happy
for the choices I made.
He said I have “no…

A buzzing of the phone
And ringing of the door bell.
Knock knock who’s there?

While he unlocked the phone..
For the message unknown.
And opened the door…
To know more.

It takes one negative text
And a positive test…
To break you down.

Patience is the only key…
During this lockdown.

Stay safe at home,
Break away from the phone… The only Mantra -
that’ll help us heal…
None other than,

– Vedang Agnihotri

In the city of dreams…
Lounging in a BHK flat
with the people who matter
and the job that paid enough
for that daily bread and butter.

Mondays turned blue,
And Fridays lit early.
Healing those scars of a hectic week,
that eventually became blurry.

In the city of dreams…
People ran towards a destination,
with the validity of nine hours.
And repeat the cycle each day,
flaunting those super powers!

It felt stupid. Sometimes worthless,
running behind a dream…
that would perhaps be a success.

So, I went with the flow.
Not realising how deep the ocean is;
Until I hit back to the shore…

Only to learn — How to dream!
In the city of dreams…

– Vedang Agnihotri

Back in the time,
Your eyes would shine
Riding with me,
Humming the nursery rhyme.

Every fall;
Gave a scar,
Few healed,
Rest haven’t so far.

You took a decision;
There were no wheels on my side.
It was a bliss,
To share an independent ride.

The time flew.
Rust on me grew.
The only thing
I wish to avoid is
this Abandoned Ride.

– Vedang Agnihotri

Vedang S. Agnihotri

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